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A Computer for Virtual Reality

09 Mar 2022   author: Senna

Nowadays, with the development of modern technologies, the gaming industry is rapidly changing. A large number of modern games offer not just character control, but immerse yourself in virtual reality. This requires the approprate technical capabilities and support. If you are new to this, then first you need to familiarize yourself with the minimum requirements.

Consider the various options for building a PC on which you can connect to VR. In fact, the requirements for a computer to enter virtual reality are not exorbitant, but still relatively high. Gamers who use older systems will have to go for an upgrade. Then, they can fully use the VR headset.

Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality

As a rule, experts recommend collecting hardware from various components, this may allow to reduce spendings on it. Of course, another option is not to bother and buy a ready-made PC. It is worth noting that an assembly with similar characteristics will cost less than a ready PC.

What do you need to know and consider when building a VR computer? What does a beginner need to know to immerse in gaming virtual reality? What equipment to buy so that it would support a special headset?

Most desktop PCs sold with a "gaming" label meet the requirements of common headsets. Although, it is worth noting that not all of them do. Be careful. Before purchasing, make sure that the minimum requirements are met and the Virtual Points will work correctly. As already mentioned, you can assemble a computer or purchase a ready-made, a specialized one or desktop one. The main thing is that it meets the requirements. First, study the instructions from the virtual reality headset, and then compare with the characteristics of the PC. They must meet at least the minimum requirements. For correct operation, it is advised to compare the parameters for compatibility: processor; operating system; memory; GPU If they meet at least the minimum requirements, then the headset will interact with the PC. It will be able to give you the experiences of the virtual world. Gaming laptops and virtual reality. Here everything is the same as with desktops, if it meets the minimum requirements, then you can play it using virtual glasses. In addition, today there are models of glasses for which a computer is not needed. Such headsets are considered universal. In terms of power, they are inferior to those that work in tandem with a PC. But they are also comfortable. The minimum requirement for RAM is 4 GB (HTC Vive), other models have at least 8 GB, but still, for normal operation, bigger memory is better.

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