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Benefits of Flower Packaging

02 Mar 2022   author: Senna

When you order a bouquet in a store, it is usually packed there. But what if you bought scattered flowers or harvested garden primroses and now you want to decorate them yourself? We will tell you what materials are available, what advantages of a particular package are there and how it can be made in a harmonious way.

Flower Packaging
Flower Packaging

How to order bouquets correctly: the basics

Before purchasing packaging materials, please read some rules. They will help you choose the right design and avoid mistakes.

Packaging should not go beyond the beauty of flowers. Needlework lovers are sometimes overwhelmed with too many ribbons, rhinestones and sequins. The packaging itself becomes a work of art.

Decoration should not cover the buds. This is only allowed at the time of delivery.

The purpose of packaging is to preserve the shape of the bouquet. This is especially true for ensembles containing dozens of buds.

Which flower packaging to choose: an overview of stylish options Small bouquets of flowers as a compliment do not need decoration. But for a special occasion or formal event, you can't help but pack flowers. We have listed the most popular options on the market.

Kraft paper is characterized by simplicity and minimalism, but today it is the most popular. Kraft paper is environmentally friendly, does not wrinkle, allows air to pass through, which is especially important for plants. It is long-lived, so it will keep its shape even with a hundred buds. Paper comes in different colors. Classic options can be decorated with lace or ribbons.

Florists love a wide range of nets and the opportunity to make fantasies come true. For thin structures, manufacturers offer nets made from natural jute fibers, whereas lighter structures may require synthetic materials. The cells of the flower lattice can be large or small, hollowed out or even uniform, with different inserts and patterns. The fibers do not tear and form all the buds, ideal for flowers on tall stems, visually lengthening the composition.

If you are looking for an environmentally friendly material, choose sisal, a fiber made from agave leaves. From the outside, it seems to be the thinnest and lightest, but in fact it is resilient and tough. Thus, the decoration will help preserve the buds, but at the same time it will not make the composition heavier, but, on the contrary, will emphasize the fragility and softness of the petals.

Organza is made of tightly twisted polyester or viscose fibers that form an elastic fabric. It is pleasant to the touch and has almost no weight, but it has a good shape and does not wrinkle. Most often, organza is used to decorate a classic round wedding bouquet. Their lightness gives the buds additional sophistication and charm. With the help of fabric, you can decorate not only a bouquet of flowers, but also sweets, plush toys and other cute gifts.

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