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How Not to Spoil the First Joint Vacation?

02 Mar 2022   author: Anni

You have known each other over a long time and meeting and building your relationships. Now, it is time for a long-awaited vacation. Your loved one proposed to spend it together. You are in anticipation of something like a honeymoon. Of course you are!

Vacation for a Couple
Vacation for a Couple

Just the two of you, sea and sun, love and champagne! But take your time! Spending time together can be a real challenge. Twenty-four hours a day, side by side all the time, can seriously either strengthen or destroy your relationship. That is why the first joint vacation together must be carefully planned.

Important Tips for Traveling Together

It is better to plan the first joint vacation for a short time, two or three days outside the city will be better than two weeks at a resort far from home. You will have time to relax, and not get bored with each other.

Do not immediately rush to take a vacation with a stranger. Just for your own safety, you need to get to better know the habits, advantages and disadvantages of your companion.

Don't plan your vacation on your own. Be sure to negotiate and discuss. If the organization of the holiday is carried out by only one partner, a failure is quite possible. Not only will planning make you closer, but it is also a lot of fun and interesting discoveries. Invite your partner to look at different options and places to go.

Do not disregard the "money" issue: discuss who will pay for what and be sure to make a joint decision. Do not be afraid to be open - this will make the rest of the process a pleasure.

Take care of your companion - don't pack too much. It is not a good idea to use your companion as a porter during the vacation. Moreover, men, for the most part, do not like to take a lot of things with them. Most likely, he will only have one bag.

From the very beginning, set yourself up for the fact that the rest will not always go smoothly. Perhaps you will quarrel and get tired of each other. There's nothing wrong with that, it is normal.

Most importantly, try not to take these disagreements beyond the scope of ordinary quarrels. If you part with each other for a while, it will make the communication much easier. Therefore, do not get hung up on each other: be sure to make more acquaintances.

Do not abuse alcohol. Alcohol harms not only health, but also relationships.

In no case do give a reason for jealousy. If you are on a trip with a man, you need to forget about the existence of other males. Now in your life there should be only one man, and all attention should be only paid to him.

An important rule: do not hush up your discontent. For any relationship (whether on vacation or not), communication, communication and once again communication is what binds. After all, your companion cannot read your thoughts. If you want to know about them, say them out loudly.

Do not be capricious. Do not spoil the vacation for yourself or your companion. Waiting for your companion to fulfill all your desires means spoiling his vacation. And if you want to continue the relationship, be prepared to have trade-offs.

Jealousy also does not help to have a good holiday. Even if you notice something from your companion, often remember that he went on the vacation with you, and not with someone else. Turn on humor!

Do not load your companion with household problems or unfinished business. Relax and enjoy.

Be flexible, don't get frustrated if somehow your plans get broken. There can be many objective reasons for this. Spontaneity on vacation is sometimes even better than strict plans.

Listen to your partner and try to find mutually beneficial ways to go. If one just wants to lie on the beach and the other wants to see all the sights, spend one day on the beach and the other on excursions.

Do not refuse to take part in some new activity for you (sport, going uphill or downhill) if your partner calls you. Then it will be a very nice memory of you two.

Whatever happens, do not look for the guilty, do not blame each other. After all, the success of your first vacation as a couple depends on both of you. So relax and enjoy!

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