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How to Choose a Mattress for Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

03 Mar 2022   author: Anni

To choose the right children's mattresses for a newborn you may need advice from online or brick-and-mortat shop who can prevent you from underestimating the role of the mattress in the development of your child: the first months of life that the newborn spends in the mother's arms and crib: it means that there must be an impeccable bed.

Mattress for children
Mattress for children

Let's have look at the problem: what types of children's mattresses exist? What is the difference? What is your role in choosing the right one and what should be avoided?

Many mattresses on the market are advertised as orthopedic ones, but not all mattresses are actually such. An orthopedic mattress is one that can keep a newborn body in the correct position during sleep. "Correct" in this case means healthy. Such a mattress for a newborn not only contributes to its sound physical development, but also prevents possible diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Given that the described properties may only be partially present in mattresses, it would be ethical to mention just orthopedic features of a mattress.

Children of this age normally sleep a lot, and choosing the right mattress may protect them from spinal diseases. Studies have shown that even the mysterious sudden death syndrome is rare in children who sleep on orthopedic mattresses.

Children over the age of 2 need different orthopedic mattresses which are softer but are supporting the spine. The correct position of the spine on the bed is especially important for schoolchildren, who spend a lot of time at the table during the day and often arch their backs incredibly. Sleeping on an orthopedic mattress during the day allows to relax muscles of the spine and back.

An inner mattress has a traditional design and is usually bought for baby sleep. This type is divided into two groups: spring mattresses with independent spring blocks and independent spring blocks.

Springs in orthopedic mattresses should be free. Each of them must work separately and not shrink along with other parts as it must act separately only when there is a pressure on this area. Free springs ensure that the mattress adapts to the shape of the body. Springs of other matrasses work at the most inappropriate moment, for example, not only under the hips of the child, but also under the back. As a result, the matrasse turns into an unusual hammock which is detrimental to the child's spine.

How to determine size

The mattress should not be wider or longer than the baby bed purchased. Otherwise, it will have to be squeezed in such a way that a bulge or hole can be formed in the center, which is completely unacceptable. If the mattress is narrower than the bed, then there may be a gap between it and the bed that can be a trap for hands or feet. Usually cribs and mattresses are of standard sizes, and finding the right size is easy. Also, the bed may be resizeable and/or have non-standard sizes. In this case, children's orthopedic mattresses are most likely to be adjusted to the right size.

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